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Affiliate Program

Interested in joining our team of affiliates and promoting Herbanomic products?

Becoming part of the team is easy! Please copy the below questions, answer and submit our Affiliate form to products@herbanomic.com and we will get in touch with you within two business days.

Joining the Herbanomic team enables you to earn income and grow your knowledge of our unique health products. You can help others in their journey to wellness, and you can begin right away!

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Affiliate form

As an inquiring affiliate we have some questions we ask to help us maintain our brand integrity.

Herbanomic chooses carefully which websites and affiliates we work with because we truly care about our customer experience and wellbeing.

  • What type of affiliate are you? Are you an influencer, blogger, do you have a youtube presence, are you a guest poster? Are you a health care professional, are you associated with the healthcare profession? Please include your following/reach if applicable and your website(s).
  • What platforms are you currently using? Are you 100% online? Do you have your own website or podcast? Do you have any face to face influence? What is your posting or appearance frequency in a month?
  • What is your audience exposure? Do you have a breakdown on demographics and statistics? Do you currently advertise other healthcare or wellness items?
  • How often are you posting? What is the traffic to your site or the interval of in person contact and your presence in your advertising arena?
  • How will you use Herbanomic Product ads for your affiliate marketing? Do you write blogs or posts discussing products or do you make videos and include the products as sponsorships? Are you just using an ad on your site with unrelated material?
  • What other products are you sponsoring or advocating on your platforms? Herbanomic is extremely careful not to associate our products with certain industries or products
  • Do you provide any direct incentives or create demand in your audience for sales or repeat purchases?
  • What kind of action do you take against fraud or scamming/hacking of your website and online presence? Have you been hacked before?


Herbanomic requires affiliates to agree to terms for approval and inclusion in our affiliate program.

These terms are straightforward and include requirements that there be no misleading claims or product descriptions not having to do with our products or that violate FDA guidelines for nutraceuticals. We also require affiliates not to use our links or ads on websites which discuss sexual material including medication/supplements for sexual performance. Herbanomic explicitly refuses to approve affiliates which use questionable marketing tactics such as mass emailing (spam/phishing) or pop ups or integrates Herbanomic products into websites with inappropriate content.

You will receive an expanded list of parameters in your terms of approval and use when you submit your application and are being reviewed. When you agree to the terms of use you will receive your approval and be given you own unique link ID and images.



Herbanomic Staff

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